Friday, August 31, 2012

Some of My Acrylics

I like to paint by acrylics. I like bright colors and optimistic plot. So, enjoy it with me!

 "Autumn" -acrylic on hard board 36"x24" , does not need frame. $600

 "Collection of Butterflies" -acrylic on paper board. Sold
 " Winter Spearing" -acrylic on canvas board, 24"x18" Sold

 "Good Luck" -acrylic on canvas board, 24"x18 Sold

 Fishing House and Dachshund" -acrylic on canvas board, 24"x18" $400 (framed)

 "Sunflower" -acrylic on canvas, 16"x20" $600 (framed)

 "Old Bamboo Rod" -acrylic on canvas board, 36"x24" NFS

"Siberian Tiger" -acrylic on paper board, 8"x10" Sold

Some of my Oil Paintings

I do my oil paintings on traditional manner - it takes much time, but I like this job. Welcome and enjoy!

"The Smoker" -oil on canvas 10"x12" $800 (framed)

Oil Pastel Drawings

Drawing by oil pastels on paper is one of my favorite - rich, bright, impressive ... but most of the year it is too hot for oil pastel's drawing. Here are few of my pictures. 
"Water Lilies" - oil pastel on grey paper, 24"x18". $400 (framed), $300 (unframed)

"Spring Time" -oil pastel on light blue paper, 15"x12" Sold 

"Bluebill" -oil pastel on blue paper, 15"x12" $90 (unframed)

Some of my soft pastels

Here are soft pastls' drawings made in 2011-2012. I like to leave paper "open" - it makes picture more impressive and much more clean.
 "Lion Cat" - soft pastel pencils on yellow papeeer, 14'x10". $120 (unframed)

 "The Cat" - soft pastel pencils on yellow papeeer, 14'x10" $120 (unframed)

 "Summer Comes" - soft pastel on black paper, 10"x10" $90 (unframed)

 "The Master of Shallow Water" -soft pastel on grey paper, 19"x12" $150 (unframed)

 "Red Plastic Boat" -soft pastel on light blue paper, 14"x10" Sold

 "Warm Water" - soft pastel on orange paper, 9"x7" $60 (unframed)

"Lake Monster" -soft pastel on dark blue paper, 19"x12 Sold

Some of my Watercolors

Here are the watercolors painted in 2011-2012. I tried different techniks of watercolor painting: wet (or transparent) and dry (or glazing)-each time result was unpredictable.
He-he! 70% of all pictures went in the trash can.
Here are the survivors!
"Crappies" -watercolor on paper, 17"x22" $300 (unframed)

"Little Red Lanturn"-watercolor on paper, 11"x14" $ 240 (framed)

"Old-Fashioned Spring" -watercolor on paper,  7"x9,5" $185 (unframed)

"Onions" -watercolor on paper, 10"x6" $185 (unframed)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Still life with cut lemon

I decided to paint still life, keeping at least some traditions of classical still life paintings. It should be transparent water-bottle, lace drapery, some fruits and – certainly - a cut lemon. It’s a lot of oil pictures of still life, but I want to try oil pastels.

Oil pastels seem to be “unmanageable”, usually they don’t permit artist to mix more than 3 colors, they “aggressive” to light colors – I think it is impossible to fix oil pastels painting by coating the wrong item by paint. But how impressive oil pastels are!

What a grateful painting is an oil pastels painting!

I am starting my next oil pastels’ picture – it will be still life with lemon.

Pastels are ready; piece of blue cardboard is fastened.oil pastels

still life with lemon1

Here is the composition I would like to paint. I will not follow this picture exactly – I am dreaming of painting a peel lemon in this small bowl.

original Let’s start.

I am painting all the picture items at the same time, step by step, returning again and again to the same subject.

As usual I am starting by white color, and then add some light colors – permanently to “feel” the general composition.

White drapery is a handmade peace of embroidery. I am trying to make it semi-transparent.

Light areas will be warm, shades will be cold. I am adding some warm color to show volume of embroidery and folders.

Mandarin, lemon, peeled mandarin and mandarin segment are painted keeping the same rule – light is warm, shade is cold. Glares and reflexes are also warm. Reflex is darker than glare.

My picture looks like this now

Let’s stop for today.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Still life with lemon by oil pastels (continuation)

I start the cut lemon painting from white. In case of mistake white color will serve as a background and help to take away the wrong color of top layer. I didn’t find any other way to fix oil pastels paintings.
I add some light colors but also take care of light to be warm and shade – cold.

To reproduce the fibrous structure of lemon pulp I make short strokes by oil pastels chalks.

I reproduce the round form of fruits using the general rules of painting light and shade. Sharp touches of oil pastels chalks reproduce the structure of fruits’ surfaces - porous of mandarin rind.

Remote fruit looks not as bright as the front one.

Here it is my “tool” to paint clear and distinct lines – it is a piece of transparent plastic. I cut it in accordance with the shape of the line I need, apply to the picture and use like stencil. Here I am correcting the edge of small bowl with fruits. Color of porcelain bowl also was corrected. I added orange and yellow reflexes from nearby fruits.

Step by step I am painting glass water-botle, keeping in mind that colors viewed through glass, seem to be more dark and bright.

For several times I was changing folders of drapery lying on the table.

Here it is the final variant.